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The Very Best of Summer!

The Purl Bee is about to become more beautiful than ever! Over the next couple of weeks, we'll undergo a complete renovation that will give us, not only a stunning new look, but a whole new navigation system too (at the same old address). On the new Purl Bee, it'll be easier to find exactly what you're looking for and more fun to get lost when you're not looking for anything in particular!

During our overhaul, you won't see new stories, but you will still be able to enjoy the Purl Bee as you see it now. Take this time to discover our archives, to catch up with some old favorite projects and to meet some new ones. And don't worry, they're coming with us to the new Purl Bee!

We leave you here with our very best inspiration for summer, our prettiest projects for hot weather, travel and lazy days. Take these along to the beach, to the backyard or to the fire escape, wherever your summer brings you!

More beauties...

And our favorite product of the summer? That's easy. Haptic Lab's amazing DIY Map Quilt Patterns. Each design depicts the byways and heart centers of a city; your job is to bring life to its veins. Quilt city streets, embroider landmarks, appliqué green parks... stitch your way right around your most beloved city and right through summer, too! Read the Purl Bee's original story about these inspiring patterns right here and browse Purl Soho's collection of DIY Map Quilt Patterns here.

And finally, if over the next couple of weeks, you have any comments or questions, instead of writing us here, please email us at and we'll happily get back to you. See you on the new Purl Bee!


Corinne's Thread: City Gym Shorts for All Ages

I have enough expired memberships under my belt to finally admit that I am not a gym person. Although you may not find me sweating on an elliptical, I haven’t completely abandoned the idea of a workout regimen. I’ve just redefined the whole concept!

My StairMaster is countless flights of stairs scattered throughout my daily subway commute; my weights come in the form of two wriggling girls (often carried up the aforementioned stairs); and my hot yoga is just about anything I do in New York’s sweltering summer heat. My gym is the city itself, and my gym clothes are these City Gym Shorts!

Designed with a classic tulip hem and an easy elastic waist, these shorts have all the comfort and ease of traditional exercise gear but with way more style! I used Robert Kaufman’s Chambray Union in Slub Indigo for the back, a fabric that is soft, comfortable and so versatile it was easy to match it with a range of prints in Liberty of London’s exquisite Tana Lawn.

With so many beautiful Liberty prints to choose from and with sizes for kids and women, it looks like my sewing machine may be getting a workout too! -Corinne

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Christmas in July! Our Advent Calendar Kit and Pattern

Amidst summer’s lemonade, swimming pools and fireflies, it may feel pretty counterintuitive to think about Christmas right now. But hard as it may be to replace thoughts of popsicles with visions of sugarplums, July's long, lazy days are a great time to get started on a very special holiday project! 

We love the sweet, vintage flavor of Purl Soho’s Advent Calendar Kit, and while its exquisite details are what make it so special, this project can’t exactly be classified as quick. So, instead of adding to your future holiday stress, you might want to consider getting started now! Our Advent Calendar Kit includes everything you’ll need, from a rainbow of lovely wool felt to sequins, beads, and embroidery thread.

And in response to popular demand, we’re happy to announce that we are now selling the Advent Calendar Pattern (with templates) on its own! Choose to recieve our full-color instructional booklet in the mail or as a quick and easy PDF dowlnload.

Plus, we've added some à la carte supplies to our menu. Pick our 12-gram tins of sequins and 9-gram tin of beads, individually or all together, and also available,  a pack of 6 beading needles... all right here!

Buying the Advent Calendar Pattern on its own? Here's what else you'll need...

Even though this project has Christmas written all over it, the little ornaments make for surprisingly great summer sewing, easy and portable enough to tuck into weekend totes and carry on bags. So why not cut your future holiday self a break? Come November, you’ll be glad you did!


Laura's Loop: Bamboo Shell

Knitting in front of nail-biting soccer matches has its pitfalls. High tensions result in tight knitting. Jumping in celebration leads to dropped stitches. Mournful losses extinguish all desire to even pick up your needles. Oh, but when a game is good and you’re working in speedy, soft bamboo, progress really barrels along!

I did not initially envision this top to be quite so long, but before I knew it, I had breezed through 6 inches of seed stitch and 12 inches of stockinette, bidding farewell to the cropped top dancing in my head and saying hello to an elegant, hip-length version. Loving this length, but unable to quite let go of my original vision, my Bamboo Shell pattern gives instructions for both, plus an in-between waist-length style.

Back to the action… The fast-growing back of my sweater meant I needed to quickly work up and over the shoulders in order to knit a slightly shorter front. Translation: I had a lot of knitting ahead of me, but a lot of soccer too! I couldn’t have been happier.

Habu’s Dyed Bamboo is beyond delightful. It’s cool and quick, but what’s even better is its magical property of perfecting stitches. My knitting was far from steady during these past few weeks of exciting soccer action, and yet, my stitches have never looked so smooth and even. 

Perhaps it is the Dyed Bamboo’s rich, saturated color and subtle sheen that highlights stitch patterns so well. Shoot, maybe it was the magic surrounding the World Cup. I know not! What I do know is that I’ll be knitting this Bamboo Shell again. Baseball anyone? -Laura

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Corinne's Thread: Wear Anywhere Tunic

The Wear Anywhere Tunic is true to its name: comfortable enough to wear lounging at the beach, stylish enough to sport on the sidewalks of New York City, and so surprisingly flattering that it’s even perfect for a dinner out.  We tested our versatility theory with three versions in three different fabrics and two different necklines. Yup, it’s definitely the Wear Anywhere Tunic!
In Robert Kaufman’s Organic Voile, this Tunic is the ultimate pullover for the beach or pool. The sheer fabric is light and breezy, and the neon stitching shines like the sun itself. This version just begs to be worn with a big, floppy sunhat and a drink in hand, preferably something in a coconut! 
In Robert Kaufman’s Chambray Union, the Wear Anywhere Tunic is just right for the city: comfortable, versatile and chic. For this version, added stitching at the bust and back provide shape and coverage, and for all three tunics, waist ties give a just-right-for-you fit. 
Liberty of London’s Tana Lawn in the elegant Lodden print lends a dreamy touch. Delicate loops of flowering vines make me think of backyard gardens overflowing with summer’s abundance and stately country homes. I can’t wait to wear this dress amongst flowers and friends at a garden wedding later this month!
Made from just a handful of easy-to-cut rectangles and straight seams, the Wear Anywhere Tunic is as easy to sew as it is to wear. So, make one for your date tonight, your beach excursion this weekend and next week’s barbeque with friends… wherever your summer plans take you! -Corinne  

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